Windows 10: What’s The Big Update In Birthday Version

The major update of Windows Birthday brings many changes in the system, the overview of the main developments.


Updated August 2, 2016
After the Microsoft Build conference in the spring, the speed of innovations introduced over the test version has extremely accelerated.
You could follow along as this advanced changes,  modification, and improvements in our news Windows 10.
At the time of broadcast to the general public, it is time to take stock.

In this update and anniversary release, here is what was designed to make Windows 10 more attractive and useful for users who use a stylus, the new Hello Windows authentication, the personal assistant Cortana, applications, Xbox or those looking for an interested eye on increase reality headset Hololens


Screen start the tablet mode.
Equal of the start menu when going on a touch screen and / or the keyboard is disconnected tablet mode has also developed, and as for the start menu,
Microsoft claimed the advice, this is the view that is displayed when touching “All apps” that is concerned and now fills the screen.


A little more dynamic tiles:
Developers and users expecting something more spectacular but the progress is ultimately limited.
Windows 10 vignettes that come alive sometimes offer content but simply open the application, now click on an animated vignette, when displaying a topical example, open content directly concerned.

Windows Ink
Microsoft wanted to give more importance to the pens, logical and when you consider the success of the surface tablet and the recent arrival of Microsoft surface book of both come with the accessory.
Windows Ink allows taking notes or using the stylus on the mapping application maps in Windows Office or in the browser Edge.

and there is a lot of updates you can get it in the official site of Microsoft.

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