When can you buy “icar”?

Some analysts belonging to the global investment banking company “Jefferies” declared a report this week about their expectation that “Apple” will sell 200 thousand electronic self-driving cars which is called “iCar” by the end of 2019.

Despite their exception of changes occurs in the field of electronic cars during the last 4 years, but “Jefferies” analysts expected the apple electronic car to cost about $55,000, which will add about $11 billion as revenue, and $1.6 billion as profit in 2019.

Surprisingly, that number is achieved is just one point in the sea that “Apple” expected to achieve more than $244 billion in sales by the end of 2019, nearly $54 billion as profit.

As an investor said that the auto industry market “is ready to change” and added “Apple is in the good position” to go further in the electronic car market and that would be a smart step which never succeed to attract customers to their products except “iphone”.

Although the timetable for lunching their vehicles is not unrealistic, “Apple” made a quick progress to catch up with the leading companies in the electronic and self-driving cars market such as “Tesla” and “Google”.

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