What Should I Do If I am Skinny Fat, 15 Secrets to a Better Workout

If you follow the tips I list below, you will soon lose all that belly fat.

Tricks to lose that belly fat

At the beginning, you may lose weight quickly, but there is a good chance that you will come to a point, whatever you do, you do not lose any more pounds. This usually happens at the stage that you want to lose those last two to five pounds.

In such a deadlock, there are two options in your diet, you do nothing at all and accept the extra weight, or you can apply some of the following strategies, with a few simple changes in your exercise and diet, you can lose four to six pounds safely within three weeks.

1 – Firstly alternate between days when you eat protein and days when you eat carbs.

Perhaps you already follow a diet where you have carb days alternating with days when you eat almost no carbohydrates and days when you do… To lose those last pounds, you should progress to a much harder task.
Try the low carb days when you will only eat vegetables and foods that are very protein rich, this allows for fat loss. Then plan on days when you train a lot, the carbohydrate days, this approach is called calorie cycling.
The zigzag approach your carbohydrate intake takes lets your metabolism go into high gear while simultaneously losing fat.

2 – Take a week of rest.

Sometimes you do not lose a lot of fat because your body has not had enough rest. When you are overtraining, your body will retain water .

Stay a week away from the gym and eat normally, as if you want to keep your current weight. This lets the balance of water in your body to recover and your metabolism will re-start. You’ll be amazed at what can happen after a week of rest.

3 – Make your exercises more strenuous.

Most people come to a point when they find they cannot lose any more weight. if you have been doing the same exercise routine for a considerable time, a simple way to lose those last pounds is to now train with more vigor. For example, you normally do 4 sets of 30 pushups, two minutes rest and after that go on with raising your legs. For a change just take only one minute rest and repeat the exercises faster and because you are pushing the limits of your body, you are stimulating muscle building.

4 – Consume more proteins

To lose those final few pounds is to ensure that you eat more protein. Prevention of loss of muscle power and promotion of the recovery of your body will occur when you eat more protein food. Moreover, your body needs twice the energy to digest proteins than for the digestion of fats or carbohydrates. As I am sure you know that proteins are, chicken, lean pork or beef, nuts, beans, eggs,fish and dairy products.

I hope these tips were helpful.

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