What Are Good Successful Excuses People Have Used After Being Pulled Over By a Cop?

My favorite happened to a friend when the officer himself came up with the excuse, and let him go!

Context is key, so you need to know that this friend, named Bob, was an airline pilot who held an ATP (Airline Transport Pilot license).

He also was semi-professional drag racer who held an NHRA license. And, of course, a regular state driver’s license.

Bob got pulled over for speeding and a nice gentleman of an officer, who was clearly close to retirement age walked up to the window and said, “You were going pretty fast back there.

I need to see your driver’s license, your race driver license, and your jet pilot license.”

Bob was horrified that the cop had all that info on him. He worried about consequences to his professional and semi-professional careers.

He dug through his wallet and finally said to the cop, “Well, here’s my jet pilot license. Here’s my race driver license. And here’s my driver’s license.”

The cop stared at all three for a bit then started laughing. “I’ve been pulling people over for decades and, to break the tension, I always ask them for their jet pilot license, race driver license, and driver’s license.

When they can only pull out a driver’s license, I then say, ‘Well, that’s too bad, because to drive that fast you need all three of those licenses, so I’m going to have to give you a ticket. If you had all three I could let you go.'”

“You’re the first person who has ever had all three, so to be true to myself I’m going to let you go.”

by: Ron Wagner

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