The Walking Dead Season 7 What’s Coming It’s unbelievable ?

Well, I have to say the season premiere was hard to watch. Not for its brutality (as this show and others have honestly been way more brutal and violent) but for the fact that it was just hard to process the feels.

Let me explain: I laughed when Abe said suck my nuts. Hilarious stuff. But that peace sign he shot Sasha seconds before his death made me have large amounts of sad. And I’m sure if Glenn didn’t say “I’ll find you” to Maggie, his death wouldn’t have had nearly as big of an impact.
And that dinner table scene had my sad levels bursting over normal limits, no blood or carnage needed.

That is some truly raw shit that a lot of people aren’t necessarily equipped to handle, which in my opinion is why there are so much backlash and controversy.

I think people are blaming the brutality of the episode being taken “too far” because of the violent ends of two beloved characters when it was really about the viewers own inability to processes the genuine love those people had for each other, the way Glenn and Abe told them to carry on without them in subtle, personal ways that the other members of the group might not have caught and how that love was ripped from them in such a visceral way.

Looking forward to what’s coming. Pretty sure this season, I will be collecting TWD fan tears by the buckets.

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