The Increasing Number of Unemployed People in Los Angeles

A study published on Monday that the number of homeless in Los Angeles County increased by 12 percent over the past two years amid slowing economic recovery, which led to more misery for the population of the poorest in the second-largest US city.

The report noted that the care of displaced Authority in Los Angeles to the wage stagnation or decline between the owners of the lowest incomes and the survival of the local unemployment rate at levels higher than the average at the state level and the national level.

Said Peter Lin Executive Director of the RTA “The economy is improving but not for people most at risk of homelessness.”

According to the latest census conducted by the Commission every two years the estimated 44,300 people living in the streets or in cars or in abandoned buildings or in shelters or “transitional housing” is funded by the government in any night in Los Angeles.

This figure increases, who is based on the census conducted in January II by 12 percent, or nearly five thousand people in parts of Los Angeles compared the numbers announced in the previous report issued in 2013.

The number of families with children covered by the total number of displaced people increased by 12 percent from 2013.

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