The Election Commission Has decided to Recount the Votes in Wisconsin.

US media said Saturday, November 26, the Election Commission has decided to recount the votes in Wisconsin, which was won by US President-elect Donald Trump.

The media reported that the decision of the election commission came in response to a request made by the “American Green Party.”

According to the Election Commission in a statement issued by the candidate, “Green Party”, Jill Stein filed for a recount in Wisconsin won by Trump, in order to assess the integrity of the American voting system and not to undermine Trump victory, noting that it is necessary preparations for a recount of votes in the pan the state.

Stein also pledged to submit requests for a recount of votes in the states of Michigan and Pennsylvania.

And will start to recount in Wisconsin in the last of this week, it will have in the state according to the US Federal Law, ending the recount before the 13th of December / December next.

Stein’s campaign collected $ 5.3 million from the amount required to cover the re-counting of votes in the three states charge a $ 7 million.

Stein presented and justified request a recount because of the occurrence of electronic attacks during the elections that took place on the eighth of November this month.

It is noteworthy that Hillary Clinton made in Wisconsin alone will not eliminate the Trump win because winning in this state granted 10 votes in all of the electoral votes in the presidential race.

But if Clinton won in these States (36 votes from the electoral college (that would be it would make winning the US presidential election went to the Democrats. Observers believe that this is ruled out by a large margin.

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