Squats Is The Best Body-Weight Exercises for Stronger Legs.

Are squats enough to train legs?

The Answer is NO.

A body part most newbie trainers don’t like to train them. At a commercial gym, every day is national bench press day. Squats are at the top of most neglected exercise list.

Training Squats is hard, tough, demands perfection and no red blooded gym rat ever wants to be seen with a small amount of weights on their back. Since most folks (new trainers) can’t squat with big plates, therefore the next best choice is to never squat. That goes for the deadlifts too. As for the bench? The range of motion is very narrow and most newbie trainers have few more newbies helping with the process. Sort of like huddle around the bench press, take a turn and do bench. Next is usually doing the curls, more Chest press, etc. The squat and deadlift rack is always empty and lonely.

Are the Squats (back Squats) enough to train the legs?
The Answer is NO.

Both Back Squats and Front squats are needed to hit all the angels of the lower body. Front Squats hits the quads much better. Back Squats have much better overall effects on leg and strength development. Front Squats are easier to follow with a good form, back squats are more intense and nerve racking at times.

To further develop the legs, doing ONLY squats is just not enough.

Deadlift some to get a better squat number and squat more to get a better deadlift. These 2 exercises are twins! they feed on each other and can be an assistant exercise, one for the other.

Squats effects enormously in the rehabilitation of your entire body by activating your own hormones. Of course, you must be able to actually perform them with proper form, based on your body composition and mobility. Most people can’t go (and should not go) below parallel when lowering the weight on their back. The deep squats are the domain of Olympic Weightlifters. There is different programming to learn that and it is not practiced by power lifters.

Whilst building optimal strength is not only the domain of Back Squats, they must be learned as one of the main fundamentals of strength training.

Squat injuries are serious and can lead to temporary or permanent injuries. Knee joints, lower back, muscle tear are possible.

Most strength training programs for newbies can incorporate back squat and front squats covering a full session. Once a week for Strength training, where progressive overload is properly programmed. if you want to squat more than once a week, then the only choice is to bring the weight down and go for volume and high repetition squats.
I personally squat every time I train. 3 to 4 times a week, training Olympic Weightlifting. Once a week is a time to do strength training doing the back squats. Another day I am focused on Deadlift, powerlifting style. It is not wise to train heavy deadlift and squat the same day if Power Lifting style of deadlifting is the centerpiece of that gym session. Both are very taxing and can lead to injuries.

The rest of the week, I do RDL and Back Squats and Front Squats as assistance exercises to Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

To hit my hamstrings, I found out Back Squats are NOT adequate. You must use RDL, the Romanian dead lifts for the best results to train and harden the hamstrings.

One of the best overall muscle builder exercise is the combination of Squats and Whole Milk. It is entirely possible to build some serious muscle mass, connective tissues all over by simply adding Squat and Milk program into your Gym programming. A great way for new trainers to build some muscle, build confidence and reap the benefits.

Back squats with high reps and low weight are superior to any form of cardio for overall fat loss, heart and lung conditioning and can be used as an effective tool to burn fat, (If combined with proper nutrition and sleep/recovery).

Learning Squats is a bit tricky and demands perfection.

But, Squats are not the hardest exercises to learn… .

Try to learn to Snatch a loaded barbell. That is difficult, much more difficult than back Squats, front squats, deadlifts, shrug, overhead presses all combined., but if you are not proficient with all Squat forms, then you will not be able to Snatch either. Squats feed Olympic Lifting training.





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