[Spoilers] What Are Some Important Details You Noticed In Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them 2016

Details which I think are important going forward

  • Obascurial – we witnessed the awesome power of Credence Barebone. Are all Obascurials as powerful (or how did he survive to such an age)? Did he really die? What is the relationship between the host and the parasite? How common are they? Was Ariana Dumbledore one? (Probably.) What does Grindelwald want to do with them?


  • Prophecy – Grindelwald knew that there was a person of great power among Mary Lou Barebone’s flock. Was he a Seer? Did he know one? Or was he merely hiding his sources from Credence?


  • Grindelwald – we witnessed his impressive power and skill in manipulating people (which makes him quite different from Voldemort). How did he come to America? What does he want? How powerful is he really (aside from taking on twenty-odd Aurors)? How does he escape MACUSA? Was he using the Elder Wand and did he lose its allegiance?


  • America – American witches and wizards definitely have a much less cordial relationship with No-Mas compared to the Brits. How else is the American wizarding society different? We only really saw MACUSA, a night club, and the Goldsteins’ house. How does their relationship with the No-Maj society change subsequent to the movies?


  • Another magical folk – we saw both house Elves and goblins outside of the contexts in which we found them in the UK (the home and Gringotts, respectively). Do they have an equal relationship with wizards in America?


  • Newt – our new hero is awkward and endearingly passionate about his beasts. What exactly did Newt do to be expelled from Hogwarts? Who was Leta Lestrange – is she a good person? Is she related to Rodolphus and Rabastan? (Probably.)


  • Legilimency – we meet Queenie Goldstein, who appears to be a natural Legilimens. She has a telepathic bond with her sister, which allowed her to read her mind without eye contact and close proximity. She also seems very free with reading everyone’s minds (Jacob and Newt’s), which I found unpleasant.


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