Spider-Man Homecoming the Second Re-run in Five Years.

As you know, Sony and Marvel dropped a “teaser for the trailer” for next summer’s Spider-Man movie, and to their credit, it’s comprised entirely of footage we already heard about over the weekend at the CCXP. So yeah, the 15-second clip features Jon Favreau presenting Peter Parker with a new suit/upgrades from Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark. Then we get a “Look, Spidey’s got webbed arms!” sequence, which will presumably allow our hero to glide as well as swing.

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning for more. It somewhat blows my mind that we’re getting a third “new” Spider-Man franchise this quickly. Three years ago, right at this time, we were talking about the first teaser trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which was set to debut with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Back in my day, we got sequels in two to three years, not whole new iterations of the same franchise.

That 2014 sequel was frankly sabotaged by its own marketing campaign, with pre-release discussions about an expanded Spidey universe and a Sinister Six team-up movie that made the most stand-alone, Peter Parker-driven sequel feel like a backdoor pilot to a bunch of other tangentially related movies. Like Spider-Man 3 , it got tagged with the “too many villains” rap even though, like Spider-Man 3 , there are large chunks of screen time where there are zero villains menacing our webbed hero.

It was a movie that, warts and all, I would argue was judged more on its marketing campaign than on what was in the film. Anyway, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 crashed hard domestically, earning just $202 million of a $93m debut weekend and earned $709m worldwide, compared to the $262m/$757m total of the 2012 offering. I have my issues with the reboot franchise in general, but the second film is at least more of its own thing than the 2012 offering, a remake of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man that ignored how romance-focused that 2002 blockbuster was.

Ironically, The Amazing Spider-Man still stands as the biggest-grossing straight reboot worldwide, earning $757m which was over/under twice what Batman Begins, Superman Returns and Star Trek earned global box office. The scheme worked, and more importantly it opened the door for every “Why are they rebooting this?” would-be franchise starter coming down the pike from here to eternity. Okay, the rest of my ramblings will have to wait until tomorrow morning. But in the meantime, Spider-Man: Homecoming opens July 7, 2017.

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