So Shocking!! 10 Movies Images Before and After Visual Effects.

1 The Secret In Their Eye


Making the extras sit for a soccer match is really costly and difficult so the producers of The Secret In Their Eye made a brilliant choice.

2 The Homesman


When effects create magic, it looks like wonderful !

3 The Chronicles of Narnia


This shot from â The Chronicles of Narniaâ shows how much can be built visually off of so little, this is so amazing.

4 Life Of Pi


From a sandbag turning into a tiger to a human being turning into an ape, here’s some mind-blowing stuff made with green screens, computers, and HIGHLY talented individuals.

5 Suicide Squad


Here’s a still from suicide squad falling into a sea of green, later the entire scene was revamped using brilliant effects!

6 Twilight New Moon


Who would have thinking the werewolf to be this innocent in real its so funny !

7 300 Rise of an Empire


The producers created the whole set with just a few pieces which were later revamped through the magic of visual effects.

7 Robocop


Not only the background of the scene but the outfit of the Robocop is also modified by using the visual effects.

8 Maleficent


There is no space just a blue wall with visual effects.

9 Ender’s Game


Audiences get to watch the actors really falling, but the safety matt is later swapped for a van.

10 The Rise of the Planet of the Apes


There is no Apes it’s just a man with a scientific head machine.




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