New Bizarre Report Obama Warns Putin of Aliens Invade the Earth in 2017

Yesterday Morning was leaked secret document reveals a warning by US President Barack Obama and Russian President about the possibility of space objects on the ground attack in the next year in 2017.

The newspaper “Daily Star” newspaper reported today that a leaked document from the Kremlin, alleged by the newspaper, explained the details of a secret meeting between US Vice President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, during which they claim the United States and the Russian side the need to help build a missile defense system because of possibility that the planet Earth is attacked by strange aliens.

The British newspaper noted that Russian President Biden delivered a message from Obama, requesting cooperation for the establishment of a missile defense system to protect the planet from impending invasion.

The newspaper pointed out that Obama’s message to Putin came against the backdrop of revelations satellite of the agency, “NASA” on the approach of some of the space objects and alien entering our space.

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