James Cameron’s ‘Avatar 2’ May Finally Have a Release Date

Movie “avatar” Revenue exceeded all expectations, having put up the film at 7 years continued to achieve spectacular successes, as its revenues recently reached two billion and 700 million dollars around the world, surpassing the revenue month American cinema films “titanic” who won two billion and 180 million dollars around the world .

The film revolves around the story of a US soldier Qaid is sent to a remote moon in space called “Pandora”, the planet is inhabited by blue peaceable objects called “Navay”, is about three meters in length, and has been living in peace and security before the arrival of humans who came to explore for metal very precious on this planet. The project is based on making objects similar to objects “Pandora”, and repopulated the human spirit and to study the lives of these objects, and Avatar is directed by James Cameron







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