Donald Trump The True and Loyal Friend of Israel

US President-elect does not draw a clear view of the position of the Israeli pushed the issue, did not mention anything about achieving peace between them, and in the time promised to remain neutral in any discussions.

But at other times, use words take a clear position on the issue.

“We will change the place of the US Embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem.”

Doing so will not fit many people in this part of the world.

Daniel Levy, chairman of America / Middle East Project:

“This commitment pledged by the presidents in the past, but it is not developed during the term of the presidency. I think that this time there are more expectations and more rebounds if President-elect Trump actually decided to change the location of the US embassy to Jerusalem. I will say the following: My theory is that this act will not be pleasing to the Arab world and undermine the chances for peace. ”

But he most likely will satisfy Israel’s right-wing commander, who said he was glad to see Trump wins the White House.

“Trump, president-elect, and friend, Congratulations on your choice of president of the United States. You’re a great friend of Israel. ”

“I love Israel, and I respect the Jewish faith and tradition.”

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