“Cowboy” is a human Thrill Ride Outside of the Ring as Well

In fact, the ways Cerrone blows off steam outside of competition is almost as entertaining as watching him fight – which he’ll do again, Saturday, at UFC 206 against Matt Brown (20-15), which is our be fight of the night.

Read on, below, for our 10 top reasons that Cerrone is a true Cowboy Badass. Then, stick with us all week and weekend for complete UFC coverage!

1. “Cowboy” was a professional bull rider Oh, you think fighting another trained man inside a cage is tough? Try jumping on the back of an ornery half-ton bull as it bucks. Cerrone rode bulls for a living before he made his name in MMA. It’s no wonder that he isn’t daunted by any man, then.

2. Cerrone still enjoys other extreme sports like wakeboarding Cerrone didn’t give up his other extreme sports passions just because he became a big-time MMA fighter. In fact, he says he uses them to help him relax, as he prepares for bouts.

3. Cerrone took his coaches skydiving…just because Cerrone is a bad (or good, depending on how you look at it) on those around him when it comes to extreme sporting. A case in point was the time he convinced his coaches to skydive with him, just because he thought it would be fun. It looked fun and badass.

4. Cerrone is standing up for himself and other fighters Cerrone announced last week that he was helping form a UFC fighter’s association to work for better compensation and benefits for him and his fellow UFC athletes. That takes guts because the UFC is notoriously anti-labor organizing. Even Cerrone admitted that he was scared to make the move because of possible reprisal from his promoter, especially since he had a fight coming up so soon. Still, like a real independent-minded fighter, Cerrone decided to face that fear in order to stand up for what he believes is right. There’s nothing more badass than that.

5. Cerrone fights more than just about anyone There’s really no another way to say this – Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone fights more frequently than any other UFC fighter. He’ll do it at just about any weight, on any notice, and against anyone. His upcoming fight at UFC 206 will be his fourth of the year. Since 2013, he’s fought four times a year, which is a break-neck pace. The type of conditioning and guts it takes to fight as often as Cerrone does have made him legendary, even among his peers.

6. Cerrone has his own ranch Cerrone is such a badass that he owns his own land, home, and gym. He even named the Cowboy estate in an apt manner: The Bad Mother F-Ecker Ranch.

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