Castro Lovers Crowd to the Embassies of Cuba Around the World.

Raúl CastroFidel Castro, the former president of Cuba, the leader of communism for 90 years the revolution died, as announced his brother, current President Raaol ulenho 50 years, Cuba has been subject to a one-party system led by the Castro government, so he took his brother’s leadership in 2008, Othdy Castro United States for decades and acclaimed by his supporters They believe he returned to Cuba, its people, while others criticized him, saying he suppress his opponents Bouhhah.autamkn Castro to maintain the communist revolution in his country, which is less than 90 miles off the coast of Florida.

Mutir Castro greeted the pope Francis mind that although his country “without religion” this is reflected in the division on the reactions to the news of the Vath Okan Latin American leaders first mourned leader Alrahal.oocef Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto revolutionary leader late that one of the most prominent twentieth century icons and a friend of Mexico, while Salvador Sanchez, leader of El Salvador, said he had lost “an eternal companion.” it is his part, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro urged his country to complete the march of Castro and carry independence flag that had been flown. Venezuela is the primary ally of Cuba in Almntqh.kma praised by former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to challenge Castro to US sanctions, saying that he put Cuba on the independent path of development, and in Russia, President Vladimir Putin Cuban leader late has been described as “the era of the code,” a sincere and worthy friend and confident to Moscow He stressed the French president, Francois Hollande, said the body of the Cuban Revolution, Castro “Bamalha and frustrations.”

The Pope said Francis Pope The death of Castro, who met him last year when he visited Cuba sad news and he regretted it.

In the United States, US President Barack Obama said that “history will be remembered Castro huge its effect left by” .oketb President-elect Donald Trump, who has pledged to end the labor agreement Obama to restore relations with Cuba, “Matt Castro!”, Trump Castro described as a dictator and a brutal left a legacy of unimaginable suffering.

In India, which has been an ally of Cuba in the Non-Aligned Movement, President Pranab Mukherjee expressed sympathy on the death of Castro, describing the late Cuban leader as a friend of India Ahumaim.oma South African President Jacob Zuma said that Castro has defended the freedom of the oppressed around the Cuban Alm.astqubl in Miami, the news of the death B.e.hvi contrast, saw the US city of Miami, where there is a large Cuban community, some of the festivities.

Ramon Saul Sanchez, leader of the “Democratic Movement”, said a prominent Cuban opposition groups in exile, that he regretted that the death of the man who he described as a tyrant will not lead to get the people in Cuba to freedom.

In turn, Orlando Gutierrez said, of “democratic Cuban administration organization,” said Castro, founded fierce totalitarian regime, where people are persecuted for less departure from the official line of the state.

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