Brazil: 25 kills in a prison and 7 of them got their heads cut

Clashes between competing factions caused 25 kills in Monte Cristo prison in Roraima in northern Brazil according to reports published on “G1 news” from official sources.

During these clashes in Roraima, 7 of the prisoner kills got their heads cut and 6 were burned alive, according to what a senior official said; added that the police have mastered these riots.

Oziel Castro local administrator in Roraima revealed that about one hundred of the prisoners’ families were taken as hostages during these clashes which happened afternoon and directly during the visits period.

Clashes began when some prisoners swept through a separated part of Monte Cristo prison which is 3,400 kilometers away from Rio de Janeiro.

The prisoners demanded the presence of the judge of the criminal court, but the police units succeed to free the hostages, who were prisoners’ mothers in majority, and ended the riots.

As one of the prisoners wife declared that, during the riots, prisoners were holding knives and wooden pieces.

Joanna Mora Head of Syndicate prison workers in Roraima revealed this incident happened due to the poor conditions of detention centers, noting in an interview with the local newspaper “Folia de Pau Vista” that what happened “is just a result of the lack of attention government should pay to such issue, which expressed in the shortage of security equipment and the number of officials and members of the security in the prisons.”

Such incident usually happened in Brazilian Prisons. And the government was alerted constantly about the Painfully Ordinary conditions prisoners suffer from in the detention centers by most of the human rights organizations.


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