Barack Obama insists for the neccessity to find out a diplomatic solution in Syria

Sources from the white house declared that the American president Barack Obama met up Friday evening with his national security team to discuss the fighting against ISIS in Syria.

That comes after the Syrian and Russian aircraft continue bombing up Halab and other targeted places.

Beside that some American officials see that Barack Obama probably will not strikes Syrian governmental goals, and they ensure he will not take any decision during the National Security Council meeting.

The meeting exhibition shows published by the white house shows that the United States stopped bilateral talks with Russia in the seek of a solution for ceasefire in Syria. Barack Obama adds that he has instructed his team to continue multilateral talks with the major countries to reach a diplomatic solution to stop the civil war in the area.

The exhibition didn’t show the other option for the U.S. in Syria.

The American foreign minister John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov come back to Syrian talks on Saturday, just three weeks after the failure of the ceasefire which they achieved painstakingly.

Kerry clearly avoids a new bilateral talk with Lavrov, and will call for the foreign ministers of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iran to join them in the talks in the Swiss city of Lausanne to expand the talks to include the Syrian government supporters and the armed opposition.

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