A Strong Presence of Greek Films in Thessaloniki Film Festival.

Greek films were strongly present in the fifty-seventh edition of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival. Including the film “American Square,” and is the second feature film directed by Yannis Sakaredes,
His story revolves around racism and xenophobia in Greece, especially after the arrival of Syrian refugees.

Director Yannis Sakaredes says: “I am looking for a movie, has to do with the new realism. I’ve always loved humor and such a small dose of singing in the film. I do not like dramatic movies a lot, dealing with issues very emotional way. ”

Film «Afterlov», the Greek director Stergios Pashos, tells a funny story about a musician named Nikos rejected the idea of separation from his beloved Sofia. When inviting them to visit him during the weekend Nikos locking the doors and refusing to allow his lover to leave, before I got to tell him the reason for moving away. Filmmaker,


Stergios Pashos says: “It is a very funny film. Especially in the first part. After that event is gradually changing, we compared the film following the story, friends Atvshan in the sun and talking, Vientiane time, then night falls and it rained and you find yourself in a dark and desolate forest. ”

“Park” is the first feature film by director Sofia Exarchou.
Events taking place in the Olympic Village in Athens, which hosted the Olympics in 2004 and which today abandoned and neglected place.

Says film director Sofia Exarchou: “cynicism and irony are that the Olympic Games last for ten days only, offers expire and no one wonders what will be in this place anymore.
This is the question I ask, is what prompted me to write a script, I wanted to show people how I became the village after ten years of organizing the Olympic Games, this is something puzzled when you watch the film. ”

«Park» premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, and was awarded the “new director” at the San Sebastian Film Festival and will be distributed in Spain and England, Australia and Serbia.

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