A Closer Electronic Newspaper Reveals the Truth Behind the Pill Taken by Cristiano Ronaldo

Spanish press reports revealed Sunday 16th October that the Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo took a medicine pill before Real Madrid’s game against Real Betis within the Spanish League.


And according to what have been published in “Devinca Central”, some cameras picked up Ronaldo while he was taking a medicine pill for protection from the heat and its height.


And as the picked picture spread, there were doubts about the nature of the pill Cristiano Ronaldo took before the game, which some people thought it’s a kind of drugs, but probably the Portuguese superstar was suffering from something before the game.


According to the well-known journalist Vicente Ozbatart who works in Real Madrid TV, Cristiano took the pill to protect himself from a disease which called low diabetes.


Cristiano has scored a goal yesterday and contributed for the win Real Madrid achieved against Real Betis (1-6).

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