6 secrets you may not know about the beard

Raising the beard may symbolize religious or political connotations as it may symbolize also a sign of wisdom and asceticism. Some studies on raising beard show that beard has multiple healthy benefits; we will discover in our article here just follow and continue reading.

  1. Beard protect us from the harmful sunshine: studies have shown that beard prohibits about 95% of harmful ultraviolet sunshine to reach the skin as it protects from skin cancer, as has been proven that the sun is responsible for about 90% of the signs of aging and wrinkles so the beard will help to lower the half of your face.

Some doctors in India have examined the radiation dose that goes through the beard with a device so called Radiation Dosimeter, and as the beard was dense as more it confronts UV when it collide with the beard.

  1. Beard protects from skin imperfections: that the shaving blade caused the skin rash, acne, inflammation and bacterial infection.
  2. Give a look more masculinity: men who are raising beard enjoy manly and attractive appearance. Studies have shown that men with beard are more attractive to women.
  3. It provides the natural moisture for skin as a result of the presence of the sebaceous glands that excreted natural oils which keep the skin moisture as it protects from the harmful wind which affect the skin and leads to dryness and skin redness.
  4. Beard stand against colds and coughs; it protects the face and neck from frost during the winter as it protects against all kind of paraplegia face yet increase the degree of facial heat.
  5. British studies have shown that all kind of beards helps to increase the secretion of the male sex hormone testosterone.

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