10 Stranger Gifts at Your Life, But What You Can Do By It!!

We all have that friend. The friend who rocked the Eleven Halloween costume. The friend who can’t leggo their Eggos. The friend who watched all of Stranger Things in one (very long) sitting. The friend who still isn’t over the sick injustice that was Barb’s fate. This holiday season, it’s time to think of our loved ones who dedicated so much time to obsessing over Stranger Things. Thankfully, the Internet has plenty of gift ideas:

1-This Christmas lights pint glass. So you can pour one out for anyone trapped in the upside down

esty1source: www.esty.com

2-A sweatshirt to prove your solidarity. Barb deserved better. Never forget.

esty2source: www.esty.com

3-An Eleven’s waffles-scented candle. No better way to stimulate your super powers.

esty3source: www.esty.com

4-A ‘Stranger Things’ coloring book. Because childhood activities are the best mechanisms for fending off adulthood stresses like holiday shopping.

esty4source: www.esty.com

5-There will never be enough pro-Barb paraphernalia. Especially if anyone in your squad has superpowers.

esty5source: www.esty.com

6-A sweatshirt with the greatest of waffle puns. tees and tank you shop

esty6source: www.esty.com

7-An ~upside down~ cap.

esty7source: www.esty.com

8-A ‘Stranger Things’- themed charm bracelet.

esty8source: www.esty.com

9-Christmas lights, cassette tape, and all. This inspirational embroidery hoop.

esty9source: www.esty.com

10-Barb’s glasses. What better way to pay homage to our fallen heroine?

esty10source: www.esty.com


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